Abb. 37: Topics aus verschiedenen TREC Durchgängen (nach Voorhees und Harman TREC 6) [->]

TREC 1 und TREC 2:
<num> Number: 051
 <dom> Domain: International Economics
 <title> Topic: Airbus Subsidies
 <desc> Description: Document will discuss government
assistance to Airbus Industrie, or mention a trade dispute between
Airbus and a U.S. aircraft producer over the issue of
 <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will cite or discuss
assistance to Airbus Industrie by the French, German, British or Spanish
government(s), or will discuss a trade dispute between Airbus or the
European governments and a U.S. aircraft producer, most likely Boeing
Co. or McDonnell Douglas Corp., or the U.S. government, over federal
subsidies to Airbus.
 <con> Concept(s): 

1. Airbus Industrie
2. European aircraft consortium, Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm GmbH, British Aerospace PLC,...
3. federal subsidies, government assistance, aid, loan, financing
4. trade dispute, trade controversy, trade tension
5. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) aircraft code
6. Trade Policy Review Group (TPRG)
7. complaint, objection
8. retaliation, anti-dumping duty petition, countervailing duty petition, sanctions

 <num> Number: 168 <title> Topic: Financing
 <desc> Description: A document will address the role of
the Federal Government in financing the operation of the National
Railroad Transportation Corporation (AMTRAK).
 <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must provide
information on the government's responsibility to make AMTRAK an
economically viable entity. It could also discuss the privatization of
AMTRAK as an alternative to continuing government subsidies. Documents
comparing government subsidies given to air and bus transportation with
those provided to AMTRAK would also be relevant.

 <num> Number: 207
 <desc> What are the prospects of the Quebec separatists
achieving independence from the rest of Canada?

<num> Number: 312
 <title> Hydroponics
 <desc> Description: Document will discuss the science of
growing plants in water or some substance other than soil.
 <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will contain
specific information on the necessary nutrients, experiments, types of
substrates, and/or any other pertinent facts related to the science of
hydroponics. Related information includes, but is not limited to, the
history of hydroponics, advantages over standard soil agricultural
practices, or the approach of suspending roots in a humid enclosure and
spraying them periodically with a nutrient solution to promote plant

Im Laufe der Zeit wurde die Ausführlichkeit der topics variiert. Im letzten Beispiel aus TREC 6 konnten die Teilnehmenden ein Ergebnis, das nur mit der kurzen "Description" erzeugt wurde und eines mit der längeren Beschreibung (Narrative) einreichen.


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