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Slides and Presentations

Building a Gateway to Higher Education
ONLINE EDUCA 2001, Berlin, November 2001
CUBER - Exploring New Ways of Course Discovery in Higher Education
EU-IST Concertation Meeting, Luxemburg, September 2001
Some Remarks on Modeling with Metadata
CEN/ISSS workshop on Learning Technology, Löwen, April 2001
Building a Gateway to Higher Education
20th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education, Düsseldorf, April 2001
CUBER - Personalised Curriculum Builder in the Federated Virtual University of the Europe of Regions
Visit of the Open Learning Foundation (GB) in Hagen.
Intelligentes multimediales Retrieval - Forschungsaktivitäten in der Abteilung MIND (IPSI)
Infobase '96, Frankfurt, 1996
Associative Lexical Nets
International Conference on the Psychology of Language and Communication, Glasgow, 1993
(M. Wettler, R. Ferber, R. Rapp, B. Hagen)
Geschlechtsstereotypen bei der Sprachproduktion und - rezeption?
35. TeaP, Münster, 1993

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