Using IMAGINE for Automated Indexing with Thesaurus Descriptors

In this application IMAGINE is used to automatically index records from the IDIS database with descriptors from the OECD Macrothesaurus. The co-occurrence data were extracted from some 80 000 records. The 500 records shown in this application are different from these 80 000 records.

The system will display the title from the records on top. Words within the title that are part of the input vocabulary are printed in red all the other words that are shown in black. The next section gives the proposed descriptors. They are rank ordered in collums. Those descriptors that were also given by manually indexing are marked red (english version only).

The third section shows all the descriptors given by the manual indexing. Those that occur within the list of automatically propsed terms are checked (english version only).

IMAGINE is currently not available, sorry.
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