Finding Thesaurus Descriptors in Third World Development

This is an application of IMAGINE that helps to find appropriate descriptors from the OECD Macrothesaurus in the area of Third World development. It is based on the IDIS collection, the main bibliographic database of the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS), a UK national centre of documentation on Third World development. This database contains BLDS's automated catalogue, together with the records of selected journal articles. It focuses on current social science material relating to development and developing countries, of research/academic level.

To get a ranked list of thesaurus descriptors you may enter a natural language description of your problem or a list of characteristic keywords in the input area below and press the SUBMIT button. (IMAGINE will make no distiction between upper and lower case letters.) In the resulting page you can select descriptors by pressing a button. If you do so these descriptors will be treated as natural language words in the next input.

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