Abb. 8: Truncations that do not only exclude animals (from Ferber, Wettler, Rapp 1995 [->])

 3  273 FIND CT D Vertebrates
 4   24 FIND CT D Invertebrates
 5  346 FIND ALL Animal$
 6 2981 FIND ALL [Cat$;Dog$;Pidgeon$;Monkey$;
 7 3264 FIND 3 TO 6
 8   15 FIND 2 NOT 7

The first column gives a reference number for each single query; the second gives the number of hits, the query starts with FIND. Numbers after FIND refer to the result sets previous queries.

Line 6 contains a query including truncated names of animals often used as subjects in psychological research. The documents found with this query are excluded in line 8. But line 6 does not only specify animals but also terms like Category, Dogmatism, or Rating. As a consequence documents containing these terms are also excluded from the final result set. Probably this was not intended by the searcher.


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